Morning Routine of a Homeschooling and Working Mom

Ever since I started posting content on Instagram, my most requested post has been about a routine/schedule. I have not been able to do one because frankly speaking, it is HARD to walk around with a camera all day. However, I managed to record the morning portion of my day for you – you can check out the video by clicking HERE.

First things first: I am NOT a morning person! I set about four alarms from 5:30am onwards and finally make my way downstairs after 6am. The first thing that I do is pray and open the blinds because I love watching the sun rise. I try to read some Quran – even if it is just a page. This really grounds me and puts a lot of barakah in my day and time.

Cup of Coffee on Saucer

At this time, it is about 6:45am and I will make myself a cup of coffee. I am terrible at a lot of things but I am good at following rules. One of the rules I have created for myself is that I am only allowed to have one cup of coffee throughout the day. I might have tea in the afternoon sometimes but coffee is limited to one cup a day.

At 7am, I sit down for some me time. This could be anything from writing, reading, takings Instagram photos or writing captions. As much as I might be tempted to, another rule is to not do anything during this hour, other than something for myself. These days, I have been enjoying working on this blog so that is what I do between 7am-8am (also before bed – starting a blog is NOT easy!) I think it is very important to have this time for myself to really force myself to take care of me before I spend all day taking care of my family.

Self Care Isn't Selfish Signage

At 8am, I will go upstairs to get ready for the day. This part of my day is not fancy because I am not big on wearing makeup on a daily basis. I prefer to let my skin breath. I will brush my teeth, wash my face and moisturize. If I am feeling fancy, I will use a concealer and bronzer but this does not happen a lot.

Around 8:15am, I will go back downstairs to prepare for breakfast. I have a set weekly breakfast plan that I repeat each week. For instance; on Mondays, we always have boiled egg; on Tuesdays, we always have toast; on Wednesday, we always have oatmeal. My husband and I usually have smoothies in the morning so I will go ahead and make that as well. I will also take this time to empty and load the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen a bit.

Acai bowl, bowl, breakfast

The kids wake up between 8:30am – 9am; it takes me about half hour to feed the baby, get the ready for the day and bring them downstairs. Approximately 9:15am, I will give them breakfast and continue my kitchen clean up.

At 10am, we start homeschool academics. This is the time that we use for sit down academic learning. This includes reading, writing and math. I say academic portion of homeschool because we use every opportunity to learn throughout the day. I try to involve Alim in whatever I am doing and create a lesson out of it. He helps me cook, DIY, clean (rare but I get lucky sometimes!) and is constantly in my office while I work.

Brown and Black Writing Board With Pen

Academics end between 11am-11:30am and I take a few minutes to prepare a quick lunch for my husband and I. On most days, it’s leftovers from the night before so this part does not take long. I try to take a couple of minutes to play with the baby because she does miss me when I go to work.

I log in to my computer between 11:30am-12pm. I work about 30 hours each week so it is not quite full time but almost 🙂 I work as a Financial Analyst so it is a very sit-down-office-desk type of a job.

Apple Wireless Keyboard

The rest of the afternoon is pretty boring as I will continue to work until the evening. My mother-in-law takes care of my kids while I work. She will give them lunch and then both kids will have a nap or quite time in the afternoon.

The purpose of this post and video was for you to get to know me, it was not to flaunt how well I do things – I do not. I simply have tried and tested and revised certain areas of my life to work for me. Productivity makes me happy, it’s essential for my personal growth and mental health. I am happy to share it, as long as it is received kindly.

Until next time, stay safe! ♡


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